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The Housing curriculum library was developed to keep up with emerging trends, rules and regulations and to ensure managers and maintenance staff are continually developing their skills across all aspects of the property management sector.


Property Management

When it comes to property management, you’ll find the industry is constantly growing and changing. Property managers are faced with a range of unique daily challenges - from marketing and building relationships to core property management competencies.


Education Plan

Service Coordination

The Service Coordination program was created exclusively for service coordinators working in affordable housing, so they can quickly learn the skills necessary to ensure the services they provide result in the highest quality of care for their residents. For service coordinators, having access to the right education and training is essential. The SCI provides this quality training in an easily accessible format so that service coordinators can meet their continuing education requirements in any place at any time.


Education Plan


Curriculum focuses on safety, maintenance management; work-order planning; preventive and predictive maintenance


Education Plan


Spotlight Training

Yardi Training



This Property Management program was developed to provide instruction on how to use core Yardi Voyager features and work flow process while reinforcing applicable National Church Residences' policies and procedures. Each section will provide a step by step guide on how to perform each function within the Yardi software system and with an emphasis on program compliance requirements.


Students: Leasing and Management Employees

Duration: 5 Days/8 Hours (Instructor-Led)

Property Types:  HUD/Tax Credit/Blended properties


Section 1: Navigation Procedures

Section 2: Guest Procedures

Section 3: Move-in Procedures

Section 4: Resident Procedures

Section 5: Charge Procedures

Section 6: Monthly Posting/Month Opening Procedures

Section 7: Receipt Procedures

Section 8: Recertification Procedures

Section 9: Collection and Eviction Procedures

Section 10: Move-Out Procedures

Section 11: Month End Procedures

Section 12: Maintenance Procedures

Business and Software Training

Want to prepare for future growth with National Church Residences? MasteryTech business training helps prepare professionals to sharpen skills & improve performance. This library of courses covers topics from software skills to leadership, for workplace safety to HR and business compliance.


  •    Coaching and Motivation
  •     Excel, Word, PowerPoint
  •     Effective Business Communication
  •     Dealing with Difficult People
  •     Managing Change
  •     Leading Teams
  •     HR and Business Compliance
  •     Management Skills





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